Business Coaching just for therapists.

You got the degree, the license, and now what? Or maybe your practice has just plateaued or stalled out. I’m Debbie Tudor, national practice coach for therapists. I coach therapy practices by phone all over the country in the business and psychology of private practice success! There are no contracts, and you can choose 25 minute or 50 minute sessions depending on your budget.


Sessions start at $75 and you will learn:

  • The #1 business mistake therapists make (actually, 2 of them are tied for #1)
  • How to ensure you aren’t losing money to no-shows
  • How to break through limiting beliefs about your worth, and charge accordingly
  • The “low risk” way to grow

Contact me and ask me your questions, or click here to sign up for coaching newsletters by emailing Debbie. Mention this site for a FREE 15 minute introductory session!

What Others Are Saying About  Therapy Practice Coaching with Debbie:

“Debbie has been one of the best resources I’ve used in my business.  I have been in private practice for sixteen years and only began to see real growth since working with her.  She is a “no-nonsense, let’s get it done” kind of person and she always knows exactly what I need – whether its encouragement or accountability to get something completed to move forward.”
D. Moore, Tulsa OK

“After hearing success stories about Debbie’s help, I decided to go for it, and thank goodness that I did!!  She has helped me move my practice from a small, beginner practice to a strong practice that can support me financially in just a few short months.  Debbie’s coaching is the smartest investment I have made!!”
Alicia P., Rockwall TX

“For anyone serious about advancing their business, I highly recommend working with Debbie. Her coaching is a great starting point to help improve focus, direction, and implementation. Debbie’s talents lie in her ability to help her clients gain self-motivation and a clear sense of direction toward achieving their goals.”
-Brandi P., Broken Arrow, OK