Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Dear friends and clients;

My studies in Evidence Based Behavioral Medicine have helped me help many clients who are seeking permanent changes in their lifestyle. Remember that MODERATION is the key to any long term weight loss results; “slow and steady” vs. dramatic and drastic change.

Feel free to pass this along to whomever you wish! I appreciate your confidence and trust.

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10 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

  1. WRITE down your food intake for at least one week (you will be surprised). This creates AWARENESS.
  2. EXERCISE along with a balanced diet. Start slowly and only after your doctor’s approval. Thirty minute brisk walks, five times a week are ideal.
  3. REPLACE sweets with fruit servings where possible.
  4. EAT SMALLER AMOUNTS of healthy foods, and increase fruit and vegetable intake.
  5. EAT SLOWLY, chewing thoroughly, laying your fork down between bites.
  6. DO NOT EAT IN FRONT OF THE TV. Focus on the tastes and textures. Remember, the problem here is not food itself, but MINDLESS eating.
  7. REDUCE GREATLY your intake of refined and processed foods: crackers, sugared cereals, baked goods all contain processed flour, which can cause glucose “shocks” to your system.
  8. THINK LONG TERM. Meal substitutes (shakes, prepackaged dinners, etc) may cause short term weight loss, but will cause a “rebound effect” on your metabolism. As it senses deprivation, it will slow down and will result in weight gain when you go back to regular eating.
  9. MAKE MANY SMALL CHANGES THAT YOU CAN STICK WITH PERMANENTLY. They add up to a slow, steady weight loss that will last (leaving the butter off the roll, choosing salsa instead of ranch dressing, etc.)
  10. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. If you eat something you shouldn’t, don’t give up and say “I can’t!” You will not eat or exercise perfectly every day. Forgive yourself and start back immediately on your healthy habits. “All or nothing” thinking is the enemy of success!

These suggestions are not intended to replace the advice and counsel of your health care provider. Please follow their direction carefully and have a complete physical before making any changes in lifestyle.