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Could you benefit from better sleep, more calm, and a way to handle pain, IBS, or fibromyalgia? Do you want a treatment that will never have to be refilled and has no side effects?

Then Devine Relaxation is for you! Available as a CD or an iTunes download for $9.99, I developed it using autogenic response to work on the nervous system, bringing down agitation and inducing peace. Created for my patients, who swear by the CD and keep it downloaded on their phone for instant access, Devine Relaxation is so powerful I had to put a warning on the label to not use while driving.

You will hear a soothing “loop” of music specifically designed to lower heart rate and bodily distress, over which is my voice instructing you in breathing patterns and peaceful images. Most people allow it to play through the whole 25 minutes, falling asleep with it playing in their ear phones. You can also sit upright and just use the first 10 minutes or so to ward off panic attacks and help manage a stressful day.

Insomnia goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety, both as a cause and a symptom. The inability to relax means that the mind keeps racing, even when we are still. Pain is increased as well when we just can’t sleep.

Current research shows that poor sleep is implicated in everything from suppressed immunity to weight gain, particularly weight gain around the belly area. These findings show us that it is not just annoying, but is a serious health issue.

My download (available in CD as well) is carefully designed to guide you through deep breathing and visualization exercises that serve to lower heart rate, breathing, and other functions. The counting and breathing also serve to give the mind a break from racing thoughts.

Devine Relaxation Testimonials

“This CD was so relaxing that I couldn’t stay awake to listen to it all the way through.”

Dallas, TX

“Debbie has a great voice for this. Some relaxation CDs sound harsh, but her voice is very soothing.”

Rockwall, TX

“When I wake up feeling anxious in the middle of the night, I just put on my headphones and listen…I go right back to sleep.”

Hays, KS

 ” The cd was so helpful for my young daughter, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder. She listens to the tracks right before bedtime to relax her mind and have a restful night, anxiety-free! The voice is so soothing and calming and it really works.”


Plano, TX

“ I buy them for my friends for presents or when I know they  are stressed out and need to relax.”

Rockwall, TX