One Minute Sessions – Digital Card Deck




The things we say to ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, on a daily basis have the power to guide
our lives down certain paths. Since every cell of our body is listening to our thoughts, it’s important that
we pay attention to these thoughts! These affirmations are carefully designed to lead you to life-
affirming, self-loving, and joyful ways of thinking. There are 31 cards, giving you either a new one every
day for a month, or you may intuitively draw a card per day and see where it takes you! Often this leads
to drawing exactly what you need for that day.

Doing affirmation work correctly requires that the writer have an intricate knowledge of the way the
brain works, and a writing skill required to avoid inadvertently reinforcing negative subconscious beliefs.
My degrees in Psychology/brain science and Counseling, as well my 20+ years of counseling adults,
means that you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality affirmations possible. Whether you
are currently in therapy or not, these affirmations will help to keep you on the right path!

The topics include self- love, releasing others, choosing your self-talk, becoming assertive, gaining
confidence, and many other areas of focus. Packaged in a beautiful bag, it also makes a great gift for
your friends, massage clients, therapy clients, or others in the wellness, mental health, or recovery field.