Dear Friends and Clients:
Ever wonder if I practice what I preach to YOU in session? Since I’ve been asked this question so many times, I’ve decided to share my healthy habits with you! Now, these don’t happen EVERY single day without fail, but they are an essential part of my life and the reason I am refreshed and available to you…
1) Daily journaling. I sit with my coffee and “dump my brain” on paper. It could be as trivial as a list of things I want to get done today, rehashing an encounter with a family member, or as deep as reflecting on the meaning of life! I keep writing for 3 pages and often trash the result (it’s a PROCESS, not a PRODUCT I’m after). How else are you going to get to know the most important person in your life-YOU?
2) Daily exercise. Walking, weights, and especially yoga keep my brain sharp and my spirit fed.
3) Spirituality. This doesn’t necessarily mean religious activity, although that can be part of it. Spirituality means spending time in reflection and dreaming about how you want your life to look, and looking beyond yourself for help.
4) Goal Setting. I have used a vision board for most of my life, and I credit the practice for most of my dreams coming true! It’s simple: go online or through magazines to get pictures of what you want: a place you want to travel, a career you want, a healthy diet-then post those privately on a bulletin board. It activates your subconscious to take you closer to your goals.
5) Taking a break from work. I turn off my therapist identity at 5 PM and on weekends. Although I love my work, I need time to be ME outside of that role. (If I don’t answer your email on weekends, that’s why.) Are YOU detaching from your work identity occasionally?
6) I have a therapist whom I visit regularly, especially when life is a bit rocky. I will always have a therapist in my life, the way I do a doctor or a dentist.
7) Take time to play. Enjoy your favorite hobbies. I read, draw, and write. Dig deep inside and try to rediscover what the child within wants to do for fun.
8) Spend time with people who energize you. I have a group of friends I meet with weekly to laugh and enjoy life.
9) Get outside in nature. The sunlight (or even natural outdoor light) will lift serotonin levels, improving mood and helping you de-stress.
10) Notice the present moment. Dealing with a narcissist often means you stay in your head, replaying situations and arguments over and over. This is a useless exercise. Come back to NOW.
I am your Therapist/ Life Coach, available to help you set YOUR goals and form YOUR healthy habits. Email me and let’s get going on your dreams!