Focused Communication: Isn’t technology wonderful?

You would think it would strengthen relationships to have Facebook, texting, and other forms of constant communication. And while that is all fine in itself, it is regrettable when the urge to stay current becomes more important than the person or experience in front of you.

We have a very hard time being in the present moment; being alone with ourselves, or being truly present with another. We are in an age of constant distraction; televisions in restaurants, phones, iPods. So that child in front of us, or in the back seat, is drowned out by the noise. Conversation with our loved ones is constantly interrupted. Quiet time for self-reflection gets drowned in busyness. BUT:

Focused Communication: The IMMEDIATE should never outweigh the IMPORTANT.

I saw an example of this at a restaurant recently. A young woman was talking animatedly to her date; he was nodding mechanically in response while texting with his left thumb! The message he was sending her was this: you are not important enough for my undivided attention. No matter what assurances he may have given her otherwise, people HEAR what you SAY, but they BELIEVE what you DO.

Focused Communication: People HEAR what you SAY, but they BELIEVE what you DO.

Remember to set aside time each day to give your loved ones undivided attention. Be present with the store clerk in front of you. Pay full attention when you drive.

The phone and Internet are fun and convenient, but don’t let them dictate your living. Be fully present to your life. Be Here Now.