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Debbie Tudor, BA, MS, LPC Supervisor Life Coaching

Debbie Tudor, BA, MS, LPC Supervisor

Are there hopes and dreams, goals, and plans that you would  like to see become a reality? Life Coaching or Business Coaching acts as a guide, motivator, and cheerleader to help you make your dreams come true.

Do you feel like you’re managing life pretty well, but know that it could be better? With our extensive training in psychology, LPCs are the perfect choice for your business, personal, and relationship coaching needs.

I have more than 20 years of experience helping people realize their dreams for personal and business goals. I have helped dozens of therapists and small business owners start, or improve, their companies. I am skilled at uncovering limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from your dream body, dream business, or dream relationships. Let’s get started!

Our Life Coaching and Business Coaching Testimonials

“Came in with 35+ years of issues, came out almost 40 a new person! I’m a better parent, spouse, and friend because of Debbie.”

-Sarah C, TX

“For anyone serious about advancing their business, I highly recommend working with Debbie. Her coaching is a great starting point to help improve focus, direction, and implementation. Debbie’s talents lie in her ability to help her clients gain self-motivation and a clear sense of direction toward achieving their goals.”

-Brandi P., Broken Arrow, OK

“The best recommendation I have ever been given was to start receiving coaching from Debbie, she has improved my life. Her knowledgeable perspective has helped me to grow relationships, reduce anxiety, and journey on a new career path. I look forward to every session with her!”

-Holly K., Kansas City, KS

“Debbie has been one of the best resources I’ve used in my business.  I have been in private practice for sixteen years and only began to see real growth since working with her.  She is a “no-nonsense, let’s get it done” kind of person and she always knows exactly what I need – whether it’s encouragement or accountability to get something completed to move forward.

-Debbie M., Edmund, OK