Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes.  Incubus, lyrics from the song “Drive”

Small steps, big changes. (Debbie Tudor LPC-S)


Mindfulness: a nonjudgmental acceptance of things as they arise in the present moment, both inside and outside of you.  Yoga for Anxiety,  Nurriestearns

If no one loves you, you can survive. If YOU don’t love you, no one else truly can. (Debbie Tudor, LPC-S)


Alcohol addiction recovery means never taking a drink again. That’s caging the tiger. Food addiction recovery means we take the tiger for a walk.  Seminar, Betty Ford Center 1/21/11

Silence stared me in the face, and I finally heard its voice. Dixie Chicks, lyrics from “I Believe in Love”

There’s a man I never met before, who looks a lot like me. Bob Schneider, lyrics from “A Long Way to Get”

Sometimes with justification, sometimes without, we decide that someone simply cannot be held responsible for themselves.  Although this may appear to be true, it is simply not a fact. Unless a person has brain damage, a serious physical impairment, or is a child, that person can be responsible for him- or herself.  Codependent No More,  Beattie