1)    If someone is mean to you a lot, don’t play with them anymore. Even if they are nice again later.

2)    If you let someone get away with being mean to you once, they will do it again. And again. Until you quit playing with them.

3)    If you decide to stand up to a bully, have someone around to back you up.

4)    Promises are easy and behaving differently is hard.

5)    Be careful who you tell your secrets to.

6)    Sometimes words make worse bruises than fists.

7)    An apology followed by the word “but” is not an apology. It’s an excuse.

8)    The prettiest girl is not always the happiest girl. The loudest boy is not always the bravest boy.

9)    Everybody around me is scared of something.

10) The smartest people are smart because they aren’t afraid to ask the teacher for help.