Yellin’ at a flower don’t make it bloom.” Ray Wylie Hubbard

A few years ago, when seeking to free myself and my clients from Managed Care, I hired a practice coach. She advised me to “play with” the suggestions she gave in a relaxed manner, as I was stressing over all that had to be re-thought and changed. I learned-and relearned-and continue to learn!-these lessons as I pass them along to my clients:

  1. We get in the way of our own progress when we are impatient and critical with ourselves.
  2. A “boot camp” approach to any change will not achieve lasting results. Instead, it will cause dropping out, burning out, and wearing out!
  3. Growth is a process that must happen on your own individual timetable, and not before.

Every new insight in counseling first brings discomfort as we realize how far we are from healthy thinking or behavior in that area. Next comes the struggle as we seek to behave differently in the light of that knowledge. My clients know I often refer to this process as being like suddenly having to speak a new language!

So the key to lasting change is being warm, patient and loving with ourselves as we “play” with small steps in new behaviors and ways of thinking.

I am passionate about my job, as it gives me opportunities to both challenge and encourage “seekers” of change. THANK YOU to those of you who have entrusted me with your change journey. If I can be of help to you who read this article, please call me at 972-672-1957 or email me at