Sometimes we need help to relax

Insomnia goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety, both as a cause and a symptom. The inability to relax means that the mind keeps racing, even when we are still. Pain is increased as well when we just can’t sleep.

Current research shows that poor sleep is implicated in everything from suppressed immunity to weight gain, particularly weight gain around the belly area. These findings show us that it is not just annoying to lie awake, but is a serious health issue as well.

relaxDevine Relaxation can help you relax

My download (available in CD as well) is carefully designed to guide  you through deep breathing and visualization exercises that serve to lower heart rate, breathing, and other functions. The counting and breathing also serve to give the mind a break from racing thoughts.

My most common reaction from those who buy my CD is that they just can’t stay awake through it long enough to get to the second 12 minutes, which is the pain management section. I take that as highest praise, then instruct them to listen sitting up!

You may have heard of recordings like this that involve nature sounds or soft music. Although those are pleasant, this Download is professionally researched and recorded to guide you into a state of deep relaxation. Using autogenic training, suggestions are given which help the mind relax and the body to slow it’s rhythms. As we are anxious, our breathing becomes shallow; this prevents the body from fully receiving the benefit of oxygen to our cells.

Although the CD is not intended to replace the advice of your health care professional,  it is a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to relax. It is a useful supplement to therapy as well.