Taste the Lemon? The Power of the Mind

Recently I attended a seminar on integrative medicine (the treatment of chronic pain or stress through both traditional medicine and psychological influence). In order to illustrate the power of the mind over our health, they had us visualize a lemon—imagine its feel and smell—imagine cutting it into quarters, then biting into the lemon and feeling the tartness as the juices rush into our mouth. Did your mouth pucker and water just now when you read that? The bodily response was produced by your imagination only—in reality, there is no lemon in your hand! Your THOUGHTS caused your BODY to physically respond as if there were.

The Power of the Mind: Every Cell in our Body Listens To Our Thoughts

This exercise really brought home to me how important it is to guard our thinking from the negative. We can’t allow critics, whether inside our head or in our relationships, to have a place in our lives. Criticism causes stress and discouragement, which cause a rise in cortisol, the bad or “stress” hormone. This in turn leads to a decrease in immunity, causing increased episodes of illness. Healing of wounds slows down. Chronic pain becomes worse. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) also worsens. Discouragement gains a hold, and before we know it, our thoughts have helped our body to become ill.

I have been able to help my clients manage chronic pain, panic attacks, migraines and other conditions many times by teaching them deep relaxation and replacing the negative with positive.  I commit to my clients as well as to the doctors who refer to me to continue learning ways to help the mind give the body healthful, happy messages. If I can help YOU, don’t hesitate to call me at 972-672-1957 or email me at info@Rockwall-Counseling.com.