Eat when your stomach is hungry. You need food. There’s nothing wrong with needing food. 

Savor every bite. Pay attention to the enjoyment of food. 

Stop when you are full. You can eat again soon if you need to. There is plenty. 

Foods are NOT “good” or “bad.” There is no moral value attached to food. 

The more you make a food “forbidden,” the more you will go back to it again and again. 

Your body will never look like someone else’s. It’s not supposed to. 

Thank your body every day for getting you through your life. Just as it is. Just as you are. 


Cry when you are sad. Your body needs release. Tears are simply perspiration for the emotions: a way to get rid of bad stuff. There is no moral value attached to tears. 

Sleep when you are tired, even if the clock doesn’t say its bedtime. 

Move your body some each day. Pay attention to how good that feels; a stretch, a walk, a dance move, yoga, a weight in your hand. 

Don’t allow anyone to hurt you. If they do, ask them to stop. If they continue, remove yourself. 

Don’t use sarcasm or hinting. Use honest, direct courtesy. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t drop that insult on your mate. 

Mind your own business. We all have plenty to work on without taking on someone else as a project.