Tips for Healthy Living: Handling Divorce, Depression and Anxiety

  1. Process life’s events and challenges with me; this keeps you moving forward
  2. Move your body some every day
  3. Eat nourishing foods
  4. Surround yourself with support: church, neighbors, and/or friends
  5. Sleep on a regular schedule, 6-8 hours
  6. Do something relaxing and fun each day
  7. Spend time in writing and introspection.
  8. Keep the welfare of the children in mind; keep them out of the arguments or any responsibility for your situation.
  9. Don’t bring your issues to work. Maintain a professional  demeanor.
  10. Give yourself some time to heal before making new commitments.
  11. Bring your problems, thoughts and feelings freely to therapy. You will find a safe, discreet, and nonjudgmental atmosphere here.
  12. Prioritize your counseling as essential to your mental health and well-being.
  13. Realize that recovery takes time. It took time to arrive at these feelings and you won’t be “cured” overnight. Patience and persistence.
  14. Counseling can be either an active or a passive process. I am a solution-focused therapist; I help you examine ways to make changes in your thinking and therefore, change your world.
  15. I will check in with you regularly to be sure we are making progress. Depression and anxiety due to stress, difficult relationships, or divorce responds well to therapy.
  16. Avoid taking medication without going to counseling. Medication relieves SYMPTOMS but doesn’t reach the SOURCE. The source is the way you are perceiving the events in your life. I have many techniques and tools to give you a different point of view.
  17. My motto is, Your World Changes When YOU Change. Relationships, work environments, etc., often shift and adjust around your new point of view.

You are more able to “live the life you’ve imagined” (Thoreau) when you work with me to counter negative thinking. I can help you uncover the belief systems from your childhood that may be holding you back from your best life possible. Let’s work on this together! Isn’t it time?

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