30 Days of Affirmation Writing

I sat with pen in hand, determined to complete the exercise and write a page of What I Want (the affirmation) and Why My Brain Says I Shouldn’t Have It (the negative thought).

Affirmation on the left, argument on the right, back and forth, over and over…YES, I’m repeating myself. Hmm. That means that thought is STUBBORN and needs to be exposed. I plow on patiently…OK, maybe NOT so patiently…and sure enough…
DAY 21. There it is. The deep rooted, out of the blue Mistaken Belief that was keeping me from my goal! And again on Day 24, and Day 28. Wow. I said THAT?

Negative / Affirmation writing is a technique I developed to help my clients push through their barriers to success. It’s a simple exercise that looks like this…

Affirmation Writing Examples:

  1. Pick an affirmation (make it CURRENT and POSITIVE)
  2. Put it on the left
  3. Ggo to the right side of the page and write the first objection your mind raises
  4. Go back to the left and write it again
  5. Repeat with the EXACT SAME AFFIRMATION for 30 days


  • I love to exercise / No, I don’t
  • I love to exercise / I never have
  • I love to exercise/ I’m not athletic
  • I love to exercise/ Dad was the athlete
  • I love to exercise / What if I’m better than dad?!

30 Days of Affirmation Writing will raise to light and disempower any encumbrances to your goals. TRY IT…I do it all the time!