Signs of a Healthy Family Holiday—How many does YOURS have?  Take the Holiday Quiz

In order to avoid feeling “down,” depressed, or stressed around the holidays, these guidelines will apply. 

  1. No one discusses another family member behind their back
  2. Gifts are appreciated, not expected
  3. The work of serving, cleaning, shopping etc. is shared by all present, regardless of gender
  4. We treat each other with the same respect with which we treat our friends
  5. We communicate lovingly, not sarcastically
  6. We refrain from advising our loved ones about how to “fix” their lives, their depression, their relationships, or their anxiety
  7. We respect the rules of the host’s home
  8. We spend within our personal limits
  9. We put the needs of the children first
  10. We offer support to those who are anxious, stressed, or depressed

How did YOU do on the  Holiday Quiz?

Our work together involves helping you learn the skills and tools necessary to not only survive, but actually enjoy the holiday season, regardless of the behavior of others. I can show you ways to cope and overcome family dynamics through “I messages” and other communication techniques. Are you ready to take charge of your holiday? Counseling for depression, stress, divorce, and grief or loss is especially important during the holidays. We need to learn ways to communicate better with the people we love as well.

The top holiday stressors include: finances, too many activities, family time, overindulgence, being alone, and memories.  These areas, while stressful year-round, peak during the holidays, leaving  many people feeling “down,” physically ill, or anxious by January. Finances and family togetherness are the most-reported stressors. (Mental Health America)

Here are some tips for handling this time of year:

  •  get plenty of outside light and exercise
  • get support from friends
  • get counseling from a licensed professional
  • breathe deeply and consciously
  • learn ways to handle loss, depression, anxiety and stress (more tips on this website!)
  • get eight hours of sleep nightly
  • be conscious of your spending and giving. Don’t try to buy love or approval!
  • learn to set boundaries: on your spending, your activities, your eating.

It is my privilege and my pleasure to help with these issues. Don’t hesitate to call if I can be your guide through this stressful time.