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1. My heart races for no medical reason.

2. I am often doing two things at a time.

3. I have trouble falling or staying asleep, or I wake up early with my thoughts racing.

4. My stomach hurts a lot.

5. I feel afraid of “losing it.”

6. I feel trapped in my busy schedule.

7. My back “goes out” often.

8. I fall asleep whenever I sit down to relax.

Stress is a major factor in illness, since our immune system is affected by the constant streaming of stress hormones into our system. Many doctors say that stress is the primary cause of most office visits and problems they treat. The tension in the muscles that stress causes makes back pain one of the most common symptoms. Therapists can help you manage stress with a few simple exercises and talk therapy. (National Institute of Mental Health)

Untreated stress is dangerous! It can lead to high blood pressure, illness, and a host of other problems. Taking a few minutes every day to breathe deeply can help, but the best results come when you are willing to go deeper and talk to me about your life, exploring changes I can help you make. My training and objectivity give you another way to look at your life. Are you ready to change?